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Welcome to Caraco Marble and Granite

Caraco is a leading supplier of bespoke granite, quartz and marble kitchen worktops. We machine tops from a huge range of solid granite and engineered stone slabs using state of the art CNC equipment. From our base in Cross in Hand we are well placed to cover the South East including Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and South London.

We produce custom vanity tops in marble and engineered stone. Looking for something exclusive? We can machine solid marble to produce solid vanity basins custom designed to your exact requirements

All our tops are cut from full size slabs.  Contact us when planning large islands as the slab size varies.

Granite kitchen worktops are very heavy (understatement of the year) and are not suitable for DIY installation. We recommend you make use of our professional templating and installation service.

There is nothing quite like the beauty of solid granite kitchen worktops. Aeons old, each piece is unique. No one will have a worktop the same as yours. Truly exclusive, the subtle colours and patterns in each piece of polished granite can never be repeated and will give your project that ‘wow factor’ like no other material. Formed from slowly cooled magma from deep under the earth’s crust naturally combined with different minerals some granites have a depth to their colour that is unachievable in any man made material. Click here to read more about granite.


Quartz is a man made alternative to solid granite. Often called composite or Engineered stone. Using 93% natural quartz and stone particles with pigment in a resin matrix, engineered stones combine the best properties of granite with the colour consistency of solid surface products such as Corian. Less brittle than granite it is highly scratch resistant and non porous making it ideal for kitchen worktops. Colours can be brighter and are more consistent than granite. We use the highly regarded German brand Quartzforms

Quartzlite is a new process combining a 12mm slab of Quartz or 20mm granite bonded onto a lightweight but rigid substrate. This allows us to make tops that appear to be up to 80mm thick whilst having a sensible weight. Click here to read more about quartz.

Quartzlite is lighter than granite making it easier to install