Quartz worktops are an ideal man made alternative to solid granite. Using 92% natural stone particles, quartz and colouring in a resin matrix, engineered stones combine the best properties of granite with more consistent and brighter colours. Heat resistant and less brittle than granite, it is highly scratch-resistant and non-porous, making it ideal for kitchen worktops. We have a huge range of colours and surface textures from Quartzforms SpA, a state of the art factory in Germany.

Unlike other surfaces, Quartz requires no maintenance at all except of course general cleaning. Thanks to its non-porous surface, no residues can penetrate it and leave permanent stains. It does not require sealing or polishing.  Quartzforms is VOC free and is certified food safe by the NSF.   It is also certified to Greenguard Gold standard.
We recommend using a special stone cleaner such as K-30.
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Quartzlite is a unique process combining a 12mm surface of Engineered stone bonded onto a lightweight but rigid substrate in factory conditions. This, combined with the clean jointing properties of engineered stone, allows us to make tops that appear to be much thicker whilst having a sensible weight, an important consideration in these health and safety conscious times!

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