Surely the world’s most popular decorative stone? Where would the renaissance have been without it? Marble is an attractive and easily worked stone it has many uses throughout the home.

With fantastic veining and dramatic colours it is an excellent material for vanity tops. Basins and even baths can be sculpted from solid marble making it ideal for special projects.

Useful information

Marble is relatively soft and easily damaged by acids, so is considered less suitable for kitchen worktops.  Many cosmetics and cleaning materials are acidic so should be kept away from marble.

Colours vary a lot, so samples should be viewed with caution.

Marble is a natural material and as such has a kind of ‘natural perfection’ that is not to be confused with the flawlessness of a man-made substance. Some imperfections are therefore to be expected.

Consider weight when proposing the use of marble on walls and suspended timber floors. Cabinets and floors must be rigid. Good support is essential.

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Our Range

Our range is set out in colour groups. Please note that screen and printed colours may not be true to life! Please come into the showroom to see real samples. Because marble is a natural material each piece is unique in colour, shading and marking. Some marbles vary considerably across the same slab. This is part of its natural charm.
Click on a colour to open as a larger picture. All prices on application.