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Granite Worktops

Solid granite is an ideal material for kitchen worktops. It’s extremely durable: You’ll never wear it out and it’s not easily damaged, even by hot pans. It’s perfect around butler sinks as the drainer grooves can be machined in and it isn’t damaged even if soaked in water.

It provides a cool surface which is ideal for rolling pastry and is easily cleaned. It looks fabulous and always will give your project that ‘wow’ factor

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Know this:

Granite is very slightly porous and so can stain. This is not noticeable on the darker colours but can show on the pale ones. Our tops are sealed with a new factory applied permanent sealer which is has proved to be the best in our tests. It is possible to scratch granite but only with harder materials such as the latest ceramic bladed knives so always use a chopping board. Ordinary knives will be ruined if you cut onto granite but the granite won’t suffer.

Granite is not flexible so floors and cabinets must be rigid and capable of supporting the weight.


Granite is a natural material and as such has a kind of ‘natural perfection’ that is not to be confused with the flawlessness of a man made substance. Some imperfections are therefore to be expected.. Some surface pitting and marks are normal; some granites are more prone to this than others.

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A cautionary note!

We are sometimes asked to fit granite tops that have been bought cheaply off the Internet. These are usually 0.62 m deep pieces, 3 metres long, usually from India or China, which are factory polished on one edge only. All the other cutting and polishing has to be done at extra cost in your home, which is very messy and does not compare in quality to the factory finish which we provide. Larger pieces are often not available.

All our tops are fully bespoke, cut from large slabs of ‘A1 quality’ in the factory using the latest CNC machinery.