Caraco granite price calculator

Use this calculator to find a rough price for your tops. For simplicity this guide is based on 30mm thick single edged tops, 650 mm deep. We can of course cut larger or smaller pieces with different edge detail. Note that non-stock colours are priced on application (POA), but by comparing them with others in the same price group you should be able to get a rough idea of the cost. Click here if you would like us to calculate the price for you. Click the images below to see a larger version. (This will open in a new tab. Close the tab to return to this page)

Your kitchen (enter measurements below)

Total length of worktops in linear metres Total length of polished edges in linear metres Number of sawn cut-outs (inset sink, hob, etc.) Number of polished cut- outs (undermount sinks, etc.)
Number of drainer groove sets (1 set = 5 groves) Special cuts (angles, curves, etc.). Total in linear metres Upstand length in linear metres
Templating and Installation

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Our Range

Our range is set out in colour groups. Please note that screen and printed colours may not be true to life! Please come into the showroom to see real samples. Because granite is a natural material each piece is unique in colour, shading and marking. Some granites vary considerably across the same slab. This is part of its natural charm.
Click on a colour to open as a larger picture. Prices shown are for kitchen sizes selected above.